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At High Touch Learning Systems, our mission is to provide helpful tactics for teens and preteens that lead to success in their personal, social, and academic lives. Our books offer a variety of valuable skills and organizational tools that are used by productive individuals in their everyday lives.  Our goal is to present these tactics in an easy to understand manner that makes the learning experience enjoyable.


As a practicing clinical psychologist, I have observed for many years that helping children learn how to think in healthy ways is essential for building self-confidence. This learning process helps teens take better care of themselves and build positive relationships with others. Another important necessity for teens is to acquire practical management tools that help them to become more effective in their daily efforts. This includes learning how to manage their time, their studies, and their social life, as well as the stress they encounter along the way.


Our hope is that teen and preteen readers find these tactics beneficial and productive as they interact with the changing world that surrounds them. Likewise, it is my hope that these strategies lead to success and satisfaction as they strive to reach their goals. Parents are invited to participate in the journey.


The author has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and an MBA in business and management. Dr. Douglas has written books for adults and adolescents that used by individuals in a variety of settings. Besides maintaining his clinical and consulting practice, Dr. Douglas and his wife Bobbie enjoy their family life with their children and grandchildren.



The learning steps include how to:


 Sharpen your thinking skillsDevelop a positive attitudeBuild healthy relationshipsCommunicate effectivelyRespect yourself and othersProtect yourself emotionallyBe a problem solverLead and protect      Get organizedManage your time and resourcesSharpen your study skillsLearn memory tacticsBoost your test taking abilityManage stress and tensionEstablish healthy habitsAvoid harmful behaviors




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