Increase Success in Your Classroom, Improve Students’ Participation, and Build Study Skills

As teachers, you will find the Make the Most of Yourself series of books ideal for use in classroom settings. The books are designed to work with you and for you. The learning tactics found in the books can be easily incorporated into regular classroom subjects and activities. You will also find that the management tools presented will help enhance the learning process. For example, topics such as making the classroom work for you highlight the importance of getting the most out of your time in class. Techniques are provided to help students effectively approach assignments, improve memory, and sharpen test-taking skills in order to improve performance and grades. Lessons on learning the basics of time management and setting priorities are provided to augment out-of-class studying and other activities.


 Make the classroom work for youSet a time and place for studyingTake a systematic approach to study materialHeighten concentration and attentionEnhance memory and recallImprove Test Taking SkillsPace your studying and avoid cramming  

Building Positive Character Traits in the Classroom: Respect and Responsibility

Respect for self and others is emphasized throughout the books. This includes tactics for building the positive thinking skills that build self-confidence and healthy relationships. Making sensible choices and taking responsibility for one’s actions are stressed as essential tools for academic and social success. Regard for peers and authority figures sets the foundation for improving respectful behavior. The learning process is enhanced by examples and exercises that help explain concepts. The opportunity for acquiring healthy behaviors in the classroom is boosted as students put concepts into practice. New productive behaviors are seen as socially acceptable. Students will see the benefit of tactics that make studying, as well as other parts of their lives, more satisfying.


Parental Participation

The Make the Most of Yourself series of books provides a great opportunity for parental involvement in classroom efforts. Parents can easily utilize the social and academic strategies found in the books, as well as encourage them at home. Teacher-parent interaction is enhanced as positive behaviors are reinforced in each environment. A parent’s guide which focuses on healthy parenting tactics that will strengthen classroom objectives is also available.



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